Award-Winning Thriller Author

Like jokes twist the truth to create irony and humor, good fiction captivates because the plot springs from real-world experiences. It’s by using this technique that my books are riveting, entertaining, informative reads.

Writing conspiracy novels is no different. I use my education and municipal management background to craft political thrillers that take readers behind-the-scenes of government’s dirty world. Taking this approach has paid too, because Writer’s Digest calls me a “masterful storyteller,” and bestselling author Sandra Brown calls my book The Brink “a hell of a read.”

In my newest book, The Campaign, I take the current presidential run for the White House and inject a horrific twist – one that will leave you asking, “Could this really happen?”

But The Campaign has an added twist that brings in a close-to-home emotional hook – caring for an ailing parent. In the midst of the conspiracy of The Campaign, you will find a truly human struggle that many of us may have to face.

So the book is, in part, my story of caring for my mother in hospice. So, a key theme and probably the larger life lesson of the book are helping you understand what to expect if your parents must rely on hospice in their later years.