The Campaign

Three Candidates are left in the race for the White House.
Within 48 hours, all three will be dead…

“Exciting and fast-paced, this is a satisfying political thriller with heart.” — Kirkus Review

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Dallas Police Chief Scott Turner is caring for his dying mother when the unthinkable happens: a bomb has been detonated in the city’s infamous Dealey Plaza, killing Presidential hopeful Michael Nash.

Reluctantly answering the call of duty, Scott is thrust into a whirlwind investigation where his every move is simultaneously broadcast to the world and scrutinized by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, whose ace agent Jessica Nolan just happens to be Scott’s ex-fiancé.

Within 48 hours, the other two remaining candidates are killed, leaving a nation reeling and Scott to question everything.

Trusting no one and with his mother inching closer to death by the minute, Scott is pushed to the brink of sanity. When he discovers a conspiracy at the highest levels of government, Scott devises an ingenious way to uncover the truth. But perhaps the most awful truth is something no one could have predicted. Not only will it hit extremely close to home, but it will force Scott Turner to make the hardest decision of his life.

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